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5 Best Varieties in Handloom Sarees that are Worthy of Every Woman’s Wardrobe

5 Best Varieties in Handloom Sarees that are Worthy of Every Woman’s Wardrobe

Indian Handloom sarees hold a unique place in every saree connoisseur’s closet and heart. More than 2000 years old, the Indian handloom is ancient as its origin dates back to the Indus Valley Civilization. However, with many retro fashion trends back in the game, the season to flaunt these evergreen handlooms is always here. Made from fine natural fibers, handlooms have a lush feel, are lightweight, breathable and are easy to carry around. Known for their exquisite designs, this artistic ensemble packs in the traditional charm of a saree with a timeless appeal.

Rongkallection brings to you 5 of its beautiful collection of handlooms which can single-handedly accentuate the beauty of any woman.

Cotton Saree

The stifling hot Indian summers are unimaginable without cotton because of its extraordinary absorbing qualities. To ace the perfect summer look, don the cotton variety of handloom weaves which are available in a refreshing range of color palette, starting from divine beige to sprightly multi-colored drapes. Intricately woven designs adorn its borders while its pallus are embellished with fine thread work. The simple color play and the ethereal softness of the cotton handlooms lend pristine vibes to its wearer.

Linen Saree

Feel the texture of linen and you will immediately know that it is the most versatile, all-season friendly husband material in the world of fabrics. Nail the corporate look or make a splash in the glamorous wine and dine occasions with this wrinkle-free, summer-friendly gorgeous apparel. Our linen sarees come in a variety of dazzling shades like azure, pink, maroon and much more. Sporting all the good qualities of cotton but with a gentle sheen, the lovely linen is a much fussed-over fabric for a reason.

Silk Saree

Do you have a wedding to attend or a festive occasion that you are excited about? Then you should definitely amp up your closet with handloom silk sarees as they instantly add grandiosity and lavishness to your festive looks. Make this extraordinary ensemble your sartorial mantra and with its neatly woven designs and elaborate thread-work-adorned pallus, it will ensure that you steal the spotlight anywhere you go.

Jamdani Saree

Even though the term “Dhakai Jamdani” strongly reminds us of its Bangladeshi roots, Jamdanis were an integral part of the Mughal period, thus steeped deep in Indian history. The name “Jamdani” originated from Persia as “jam” means flower and “dani” means vase. The beautiful floral motifs that ornament this royal apparel absolutely lives up to its name. Woven on the brocade loom, the vast range of jamdanis come in infinite, rich hues and with strikingly contrast borders. Drape a linen Jamdani and experience being a royalty while staying in vogue


Tussar Silk

Tussar, a variety of silk is the precious offering of the state of Jharkhand in India. Though lavish in appeal, the fabric of Tussar is lighter and more breathable compared to the rest of the silk varieties making it a comfortable wear for a subtropical climate like that of India. Our Tussar collection has a whole array of Tussar in innumerable shades like beige, maroon, crimson enhanced with beautiful embroidery working in the end-pieces. They usually come with a solid contrast of woven borders to create stunning effects.

 Rongkallection’s vast collection of authentic handlooms presents the modern Indian woman the aura of a queen. So choose Rongkallection Handlooms. Choose elegance.

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